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Toyota Innova Sold on: 15 August 2014

I had really an awesome and wonderful introduction with TSM. It's assured that to sell a vehicle, I think this could be an appropriate place for anyone, I hope.

Praveen Manthiramoorthy
Maruti Ritz Bought on: 12 September 2014

Thanks for the Support Team TSM! I bought a silver Ritz petrol car and I am very happy by the way your Staff responded to me during the chain of communications and vehicle delivery. I am very happy with the performance of my ritz. I have started recommending my friends to TSM for used cars. Keep up the good work.

V. Leela Kumar
Maruti Swift Sold on: 22 October 2014

I had a very good experience selling my car through TSM. I researched the market for a month and this was the best offer I got. The transaction also happened very quickly. Thank you TSM!

Ford Figo Bought on: 10 November 2014

I purchased my car though TSM last month. I am happy that I got a car I liked and at a price I liked as well. Coming to TSM, I have slowly changed my mind set about buying used cars.

Hyundai Verna Sold on: 18 January 2015

My first conversation with TSM gave me the confidence that I am selling my car through a reputed source. They educated me on how to assess a used car and explained me on how they derived at a selling price. I can undoubtedly say that TSM is the place to go for trading used cars


We have dealt with TSM for over 18 years now. We have been trading in our cars for new or newer vehicles regularly over these years. It has been a completely hassle free experience. More importantly, the documentation is clear, clean and very legal.

Kishore S.N. Vice President. Triad Software Pvt. Ltd. Read More

23 April 2015

We have dealt with TSM for over 18 years now. We have been trading in our cars for new or newer vehicles regularly over these years. It has been a completely hassle free experience. More importantly, the documentation is clear, clean and very legal. The financial aspects have been clear and fair with no room for any niggling doubts.

The Sales and Marketing team has been very helpful in aiding us with the right choice for our requirements and budget. The S&M team have answered all our questions very patiently, with sincerity, during multiple visits before decision making. The customer service has been truly outstanding.

The cars purchased at TSM has given us a trouble-free performance throughout our usage over time.

Overall, we have had a great experience in all our transactions at TSM who have been a one-stop shop for all our automotive purchases.

Kishore S.N.
Vice President.
Triad Software Pvt. Ltd.

My association with TS Mahalingam and Sons is more than a decade. It has always been my 'one stop' solution for buying a used car. I have always found that TSM's advice is tailor made to your needs. Mr Ravishankar and his staff are always courteous, honest and support you far beyond the purchase.

Sasi Dr.V.Sripathi MS, MCh, FRACS Senior Consultant Pediatric Urologist and Robotic Surgeon Apollo Children's Hospital

I wish to share my experience and feeling in dealing with TSM. The team of persons make you comfortable and at ease during the transaction. One would feel at home. They prove to be responsible and that exhibits their TRUST in action.

Best wishes R Raman


Maruti Ritz, the compact hatchback from Maruti Suzuki, has seen very low sales volume in the recent months, forcing the company to stop it's production. From an average of 2500 - 3500 cars a month, the sales of the Maruti Ritz had tapered off to just 5 in October 2016 (Source: SIAM). Launched in 2009, the Maruti Ritz was a moderately successful hatchback compared to the category leader Swift or the recently popular Celerio. Maruti Suzuki has been grappling with low production capacity compared to the high demand for its cars. So, it is expected that the company will stop production of cars that are average performers and dedicate production capacities to cars with higher demand. Maruti Suzuki currently has 2 plants in Manesar and Gurgaon and will soon start production in their new plant in Gujarat. Maruti Suzuki had announced a new model called the Ignis, which will be a compact crossover. But the launch has been postponed to middle of next year. It is believed that production constraints could be the reason for the delayed launch. The crossover segment is now seeing very good traction and the Ignis is expected to be a star in the Maruti Suzuki line-up.

Impact on Used-Car Value

Maruti Suzuki has routinely retired models while adding newer car models to match the trends of the auto market. But the value of the retired models remain strong in the used-car segment. The reasons for the strong showing in the used-car segment for Maruti models are
  • easy availability of spare parts
  • strong after-sales service
  • overall good performance of the brand
  • trust-worthiness of the brand, and
  • affordability
The decision to scrap the model is not expected to have a big impact on the value of the Ritz in the used-car segment owing to the above mentioned reasons.
0 | 30.11.2016 06:29 AM | PRIYAPARTHA
Have you ever been on a long car ride in a car that only has a CD player and no Aux/USB input? I did last week and it was quite boring since no one had bothered to carry CDs and all our music was on our smartphones. It dawned on me that having an up-to-date entertainment system, that accomodates the latest gizmo, is a must-have car feature. So what other car features do people think are must-have? Here is our compilation of all the must-have car features for this year, in no particular order:

Infotainment System

An infotainment system is a multitasking accessory which can play songs, navigate, accept calls by connecting to your phone, send messages and all this at the touch of the screen. Some advanced systems also feature voice recognition. Basically, it can do most of the things that your mobile phone can do. It can also do some things that a smartphone cannot do, like show you how the world looks like from the back of the car (rear-view camera) and tell you how far you are from having to replace the back bumper (parking sensors). New models come with this car feature pre-loaded while for older models, one could upgrade the existing stereo system to an infotainment head unit.

Climate Control

It is not sufficient to just have air-conditioning in the car. Climate control is a high-tech air conditioning system which smartly controls the environment inside the car according to the temperature outside. It auto adjusts the A/C settings to ensure you have a refreshing and comfortable ride. This cool car feature now comes pre-loaded in the larger sedans and SUVs and is finding traction with the mid-market segment as well.

Automatic Wipers

Haven't we all struggled with the wiper going swish-swish too fast on a drizzly day and a little too slow for safety if we happened to be driving in a torrential down pour? The rain always seems to be at a level that is in between two stages of the wiper speed. But fret no more - we now live in the age of Automatic Wipers. This car feature uses sensors that allows the wipers to automatically start and adjust the speed and frequency of swipes based on the level of water on the windshield.

Automatic Headlights

Like the auto wipers, this system uses sensors to turn on and regulate brightness of the front headlamps to match the lightness/darkness levels on the road. It is nice to have the lights come on automatically when you enter a tunnel in daytime or when the sky starts to darken with impending rain. It will be a huge relief for drivers if this feature became a standard in all vehicles to avoid being blinded by the unabashed and uncalled for usage of high-beam lights on the Indian roads. These two automatic car features are meant to aid the driver improve his driving skills and focus, by reducing the number of things that he/she needs to pay attention to.


This isn’t exactly an optional extra as most of the cars today offer this as a standard. The governmental regulations around the world have included this as a mandatory requirement similar to the norms for pollution control.  Airbags have been proven to be the biggest lifesaver car feature preventing hundreds and thousands of fatalities every year due to car crashes. Simply put, an airbag work is an inflatable cushion that comes out of the steering wheel, dashboard or side panels during an accident. It prevents the passengers' head and body from making contact with any of the car’s hard surfaces including the steering wheel, which is the biggest cause for driver fatality. Already many of the new models of SUVs and sedans come with 4 airbags (dashboard and steering for the front-seat passengers and sides for the back-seats) and some even have 6 airbags. India’s regulatory bodies are still to catch up to world standards, so this option is not yet mandatory here but could soon be under the Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assessment Program.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry is the latest car feature catching the attention of car owners. This feature ensures that the owner doesn’t need to use car keys to unlock the car and it can be done with buttons provided on door handles. However, to ensure security, it mandates that the car key/remote is present with the person unlocking the car. The car uses sensors to detect the presence of the remote/key within a few feet from itself. Only if it senses the presence, does it allow the door buttons to work. This is most useful when you have your hands juggling multiple things and getting to your key proves difficult.

Push button start

The car key is fast becoming a security feature and not really a key for entry. The Push Button Start is a feature that allows the car to start with the push of a button without having the keys inserted into the keyhole.  What you now have is a key fob, not a key, which the car detects when you push the button. Gives you a jet fighter feeling when you are doing it.

ABS - Anti Lock Braking System

Have you ever been in a situation when you had to suddenly brake your car and have the car go out of control with a jolt? That is because the wheels of the car lock-up during panic braking. The ABS car feature allows the driver to have steering control even while hard braking. This is a great feature especially for the light-weight hatchbacks. Indian roads are famous for sudden unexpected hurdles coming your way and it is a god send to have the ABS feature installed. It costs a little extra to have this feature but this is one feature we feel is totally worth the price we pay for it.   There are many more car features that are touted as cool and fancy like Chrome Grills or body-coloured door handles. We recommend that the car features that are safety oriented are given preference over these. Go for the safety features first, comfort features (like the infotainment and climate control) next, followed by convenience features (like the keyless car entry) and finally, if budget permits, to the cool and fancy car features. While buying a used car from TSM, we will help you with deciding which add-on car features to go for if the car doesn't already have them.
0 | 23.11.2016 06:46 AM | PRIYAPARTHA
Just a week after the Toyota Fortuner launch comes the New Hyundai Tucson, a crossover SUV. Prices vary from Rs 18.99 lakh for the base version to Rs. 24.99 lakhs for the fully loaded version (Price are ex-showroom Delhi). The vehicle comes with both Petrol and Diesel options along with the now popular Automatic transmission as well as Manual transmission. Hyundai Tucson Exterior


The New Hyundai Tucson comes with some cool exterior design modifications. The front lamps have daytime running lights (DRL) as well fog lamps for all weather driving. Roof rails in silver finish make it easy for hauling loads. We love the shark fin antenna on the roof that gives not only a sporty look but also makes for better connectivity. The sides of the new Hyundai Tucson also have a well defined contour that adds elegance to the design. Hyundai Tucson Interior


Plush, comfortable and spacious are what come to mind when you have a look at the interiors of the new 2-row, 5-seater Hyundai Tucson. Smart navigation system with voice recognition and entertainment system control on the steering wheel make for a smooth ride for the driver of this car. USB and Aux ports are a must-have these days and the Hyundai Tucson does not disappoint. Back seat riders are not ignored either. They have been given lots of space and coffee cup holders too. The beige leather seats contribute to the feeling of luxury and space. performance of new Hyundai Tucson


The Hyundai Tucson comes with a Nu 2.0 VTVT Petrol Engine which when combined with the aerodynamic body design delivers a max power of 155 ps at 6200 rpm with high fuel efficiency. The Manual transmission has a Flex Steer option which allows the driver to select between three steering modes based on road conditions. Drive Mode also allows the driver to switch between Eco model for fuel saving or Sports mode for high performance. Safety Features Hyundai Tucson


6 airbags that surround the driver and passengers offer collision protection in this new Hyundai Tucson. Rear passengers also have 3-point seat beat which offers better protection than the conventional 2-point seatbelt. Additional safety features include speed sensing auto door lock and electric Parking brake. All in all, this is a great addition to the crossover SUV segment, which offers the sportiness of an SUV in a hatchback car. If you are thinking of selling your existing car to upgrade to the new new Hyundai Tucson, make T S Mahalingam & Sons your destination to sell your used car. Best price and hassle-free transaction guaranteed at TSM.    
0 | 15.11.2016 09:03 AM | PRIYAPARTHA